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Discover our vintages each one with a distinct identity.

1999 Vintage

Sometimes we want a taste of the past – not a dull, faded memory but a magical one. 

For a champagne to become ever more complex and delightful over almost 20 years requires remarkable climactic conditions and intricate craftsmanship. A very gentle early growing cycle brought unusually high levels of acidity to our grapes, which has been crucial in enabling evolution and improvement over time. Intense sunshine and heat followed, bringing ripeness, but acidity remained a marked characteristic of the vintage. Rich tertiary aromas and flavours along with impressive length now characterise this wonderfully mature champagne.

Do you want to know more? Download the 1999 Vintage technical sheet.

2002 Vintage

Those who enjoy a more generous style of champagne, with opulent flavours of preserved fruits and spice, will be entranced by this vintage.

Hot, dry weather brought about early ripening and incredibly sweet, concentrated grapes, while cold nights preserved moderate acidity levels, lending just a hint of sharpness to rein in the sweetness. Over many years the wine’s luxuriousness has only increased, with brioche and toasted aromas adding a final touch of decadence.

Do you want to know more? Download the 2002 Vintage technical sheet.

2004 Vintage

Robust, powerful and clearly pinot-noir driven, this is one of our most curious and unprecedented vintages.

Changeable weather conditions kept us in anticipation until the eve of the harvest, when much-needed rain swelled the ripe grapes at the last moment, restoring perfect equilibrium to the parched vineyards. To this day the wine remains mysterious and elusive, offering great promise in the years to come as it mellows and reveals itself.

Do you want to know more? Download the 2004 Vintage technical sheet.

2006 Vintage

The energy and vivaciousness that we associate with young champagnes can coexist in harmony with the classic flavours of older ones.

This vintage combines some of the very best attributes of both mature and youthful, with dried fruit, honey and buttery aromas offset by the sharpness of well-defined citrus fruit. Fluctuating temperatures during the ripening season go some way to explaining the wine’s dual character; the rest is down to careful blending and our unique terroir.

Do you want to know more? Download the 2006 Vintage technical sheet.


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